Friday, March 20, 2020

Finding items to sell on eBay when your starting out

So if your just starting out on eBay and your thinking about selling you might be wondering where to get items to list. My suggestion is to go through your house and find things that your tired of or don't use or wear anymore.

Now you might be thinking....I want to sell clothing or I want to sell hard goods. My suggestion is that you don't even worry about that right now. If your just starting out and are searching your house for sale-able items give yourself the freedom  to do both...any and all items  to see what you enjoy the most. Because this is the learning curve time...this is when you find out what you like, don't like, and hate. This is when you learn brands, styles, and even era's.

So once you have yourself a nice little pile of items you want to check them for flaws and realize that if the flaws are really severe you will not want to list that item for sale. Your not selling your junk cause no one wants that...they have their own. That is a perfect way to get horrid feedback and a bad reputation as a seller. Once a reputation is established it is much harder to reverse, so start out the right way. And any and all flaws must be pictured and revealed  in writing in the listing so that no one is taken by surprise.

Now I would suggest you organize the items into like piles...assuming you have enough to do that. If you have several shorts...put them together. If you have several vases...put them together. And keep doing that so that when we begin to take pictures and list it will flow like water. It makes no sense to you now but it will down the line. I don't want to jump the gun into listing when we have not even covered photos as yet. So lets begin there and on my next post I will share taking pictures and give you some tips on that.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have and please everyone...stay healthy and safe!


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