Wednesday, March 4, 2020

So who do I think I am anyways?

So you maybe wondering who I am and what I do to consider myself qualified to give advice about making money online. I have been reselling on eBay for around four years and my store has done better and better each year or at least it did until eBay decided to make a catalog like Amazon and everything changed literally overnight.

I still made money but not nearly what I was making prior to that change. It stayed slow in sales for quite least a year or better. Then it began to get better again...slowly climbing back almost to where it was when BAM...eBay added and changed their "Item Specifics" in October...fourth quarter. You know the quarter of the year that EVERY business waits for all year because sales increase exponentially. Nope...not on eBay. They screwed up and basically made clothing sellers items, well, invisible for the most part. No fourth quarter for us.

So now your this woman crazy? She is trying to tell me I can make money online and has spent the first two paragraphs telling me how her sales decreased. Well you need to know the truth and that truth is that you never want all your eggs in one basket. The only guarantee we get in life is that it will change...nothing stays static. ESPECIALLY sales. You will not get rich quick and in fact you may never "get rich" but you can live comfortably and if you do things well you may very get rich...many do. But NOT quick.

Like anything else worth anything in life this takes work, knowledge, research, dedication and a desire to make money for yourself instead of someone else. A desire to spend your time working for YOU and to be able to use your time as you see fit. A desire for....FREEDOM. If you don't have that desire, if your not able to be a boss to yourself and say no to goofing off, if you need someone to say "okay, now do this next"....keep your job. In fact, even if you do have all of what I said is needed...keep your job. Because it will take you years most likely, before you see a profit you can live on.

But you can start now and the beauty of it is you can start with almost no money and if your a true entrepreneur...wild horses couldn't drag you away once you get a taste of it. And we are probably a little weird to most folks because we think what we do is FUN. We love to work, we love the freedom and play time too...but if we are away from it too long...we miss it.

And I am still learning and exploring new avenues and as I do I want to take you with me and we can explore them together. What are you interested in? Have you ever considered starting a business online? Let me know what you would be interested in...we can grow together. This is going to be so much fun! 

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